A Guide to NumPy/SciPy Documentation

When using Sphinx in combination with the numpy conventions, you should use the numpydoc extension so that your docstrings will be handled correctly. For example, Sphinx will extract the Parameters section from your docstring and convert it into a field list. Using numpydoc will also avoid the reStructuredText errors produced by plain Sphinx when it encounters numpy docstring conventions like section headers (e.g. -------------) that sphinx does not expect to find in docstrings.

Some features described in this document require a recent version of numpydoc. For example, the Yields section was added in numpydoc 0.6.

It is available from:

Note that for documentation within numpy, it is not necessary to do import numpy as np at the beginning of an example. However, some sub-modules, such as fft, are not imported by default, and you have to include them explicitly:

import numpy.fft

after which you may use it:


For convenience the formatting standard is included below with an example

Example Source

Example Rendered

The example is rendered only when sphinx is run with python3 and above